Bliss Direct Media is a full service provider bringing together planning, production implementation, and analysis. Our integrated, comprehensive solutions help you achieve your program goals.


A well-crafted plan is just the beginning of a successful relationship, & at Bliss Direct Media that plan begins with a thorough consultation. We fully embrace your organization’s goals & priorities to create a comprehensive campaign.

Production Implementation

With years of experience managing direct response marketing programs, the Bliss team will ensure your campaign is successfully executed. All campaign services are seamlessly handled under one roof, providing unsurpassed quality and ensuring peace of mind.


We look to answer the questions of who, what, why, and how your audience is responding. Armed with this data we can make strategic adjustments to future appeals, improving your results and achieving your goals.


AppealMaker® is built specifically for nonprofits that know what they want, but need an easy way to get it done.

Sending direct mail has traditionally been an offline process involving lots of email, FTP, phone calls, and meetings.

The AppealMaker direct mail API is a fast, modern approach to sending automated postcards and letters, without the need to figure out how to construct functions such as template building.

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