Bliss Direct Media is a full service provider bringing together planning, production implementation, and analysis. Our integrated, comprehensive solutions help you achieve your program goals.


A well-crafted plan is just the beginning of a successful relationship, & at Bliss Direct Media that plan begins with a thorough consultation. We fully embrace your organization’s goals & priorities to create a comprehensive campaign.

Production Implementation

With years of experience managing direct response marketing programs, the Bliss team will ensure your campaign is successfully executed. All campaign services are seamlessly handled under one roof, providing unsurpassed quality and ensuring peace of mind.


We look to answer the questions of who, what, why, and how your audience is responding. Armed with this data we can make strategic adjustments to future appeals, improving your results and achieving your goals.


Bliss believes in helping our partners achieve their goals.

Through detailed and deliberate planning, we help build the foundation for your success. A collaborative relationship allows us to create a unique direct response marketing plan for your organization. And with a relationship built on continual teamwork, we promise a future that grows with your organization. Let’s chat about how we can work together.

Strategic Planning Session (SPS)

The first step in understanding your organization’s unique fundraising needs is to gather key members from both teams during a Strategic Planning Session (SPS). Annual SPS teleconference reviews are scheduled so you never skip a beat when preparing for the next year of fundraising.

Partnership Fundamentals

Launching your Bliss Direct Media campaign means paying attention to details before any communications are sent to your important donors and prospects. Your dedicated Account Manager will guide you step-by-step to assure branding standards, data security and appeal details are in place for a smooth beginning of your campaign.

The Critical Pathway

Bliss believes that a proposal is more than a list of engagements and prices. Our proposal, The Critical Pathway, is a comprehensive document outlining each engagement within your campaign. It details the audience, package design, message, timeline and pricing. And, we’ll take the time to discuss the strategy behind each engagement with you.

Creative and Copy

The graphics and copy writing teams at Bliss have years of experience crafting communications. From Grateful Patient letters and Donor Renewal appeals, they create pieces that connect with your donors and prospects. Pair best practices from Bliss with your insight for a winning combination.


Direct response marketing can seem daunting, but let Bliss make it simple.
Everything you need is in one convenient location with your dedicated team.

Full Service Printing

Bliss is a full-service print shop, allowing for economic and variable solutions with laser, digital, and inkjet printing.

USPS Onsite

Your pieces can be entered directly and accurately into the mailstream with our USPS facility onsite.

State Registered Fundraising Consultants

We inform you in advance of states you’re mailing to give you the opportunity to be proactively in full compliance with state laws.

Electronic & Telecommunication

Be where your donors are! Bliss can help coordinate a complete, integrated marketing program with a variety of touches including digital, email, and telecommunication options.

Data Analysis

We assure postal regulations are followed and that no duplicated or unwanted pieces are mailed by putting data lists through a rigorous set of services.

HIPAA Compliant

Healthcare partners have peace of mind knowing Bliss abides by and guides you through HIPAA regulations


Bliss works closely with you to bring your unique vision of success to life.

With your goals in mind, and an eye towards continual improvement, we analyze the results of your donor communications. Each mailed appeal in your campaign is thoroughly reported on, and an overall annual review is provided. Bliss will also guide you in determining important metrics, and how these important results and variables impact the big picture of your annual fundraising efforts. Let Bliss help make your plan a success.


AppealMaker® is built specifically for nonprofits that know what they want, but need an easy way to get it done.
Create nonprofit direct mail appeals with the online tool and AppealMaker® completes all printing and mailing services.

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Bliss Direct Media’s purpose is to provide a way for both customers and employees to reach their goals.
The Bliss team is dedicated to helping our customers reach their ultimate goals by living the company values everyday.


Each day, approach your job with the philosophy that by giving others around you everything they need to achieve their goals, you will in turn achieve yours. Ask those around you often if they are getting what they need from you- don’t make assumptions. Believe in the idea that an entire team operating on this philosophy will be far greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Take Responsibility

It’s alright to make a mistake or to be wrong. Step up, take responsibility and learn from such experiences. Directing blame, pointing fingers and proving you are right are never necessary and are furthermore unproductive. Find ways that you CAN make a difference.

It Is My Job

Solve issues for the long term, not just for the moment. Look beyond your own job and department for ways to make the company better. Don’t be afraid to point out roadblocks or setbacks wherever you see them and make suggestions wherever you can. An outside view is generally the most honest and objective one available.

Build Superior Morale

Voice concerns directly and respectfully and accept all feedback openly. Take other people at their word and always give the benefit of doubt- base your opinion on facts, not assumptions or prejudice. Remain positive, helpful and respectful. Root out dysfunction wherever it exists. Make sure the company is a place where customers aspire to do business and where people desire to work.

Grow & Change

Make it a daily goal to be better than yesterday. Always strive for improvement in yourself and in your teams. Look for innovation and opportunity. Work smarter before you work harder. Remember that growth is usually uncomfortable. Always be prepared for rapid change and growth. Growing pains should be viewed as signs of progress…not setbacks.

Teach & Be Teachable

Share knowledge, skills and information freely. If your department or the company would fall apart without you, you are not doing your job. Leave your ego at the door. Learn whatever you can from those around you.