Bliss Direct Media Company Values

Bliss Direct Media's purpose is to provide a means by which customers and employees alike can reach their ultimate goals in business and in life. The company operates on the simple principle that the surest way to achieve our own personal and company goals is to help those around us achieve theirs.

1. Teamwork:
Each day, approach your job with the philosophy that by giving others around you everything they need to achieve their goals, you will in turn achieve yours. Ask those around you often if they are getting what they need from you- don't make assumptions. Believe in the idea that an entire team operating on this philosophy will be far greater than the sum of its individual parts.

2. Grow & Change:
Make it a daily goal to be better than yesterday. Always strive for improvement in yourself and in your teams. Look for innovation and opportunity. Work smarter before you work harder. Remember that growth is usually uncomfortable. Always be prepared for rapid change and growth. Growing pains should be viewed as signs of progress...not setbacks.

3. Teach and be Teachable:
Share knowledge, skills and information freely. If your department or the company would fall apart without you, you are not doing your job. Leave your ego at the door. Learn whatever you can from those around you.

4. Build Superior Morale:
Voice concerns directly and respectfully and accept all feedback openly. Take other people at their word and always give the benefit of doubt- base your opinion on facts, not assumptions or prejudice. Remain positive, helpful and respectful. Root out dysfunction wherever it exists. Make sure the company is a place where customers aspire to do business and where people desire to work.

5. Take Responsibility:
It's alright to make a mistake or to be wrong. Step up, take responsibility and learn from such experiences. Directing blame, pointing fingers and proving you are right are never necessary and are furthermore unproductive. Find ways that you CAN make a difference.

6. It IS my Job:
Solve issues for the long term, not just for the moment. Look beyond your own job and department for ways to make the company better. Don't be afraid to point out roadblocks or setbacks wherever you see them and make suggestions wherever you can. An outside view is generally the most honest and objective one available.