Bliss Direct, Grateful Patient mailings


Bliss operates on the simple principle that the surest way to achieve our own goals is to help our partners achieve their goals. Thoughtful and thorough planning at the beginning of a partnership builds the foundation for a successful direct response marketing program. It allows Bliss to tailor a unique campaign to meet your organization's fundraising needs. Collaborative planning continues throughout your partnership promising a future that grows with your organization. Following are the Bliss Direct Media planning stages:

      Strategic Planning Session (SPS)
      The Strategic Planning Session (SPS) is the first step in understanding and assessing your organization’s unique efforts and needs related to your fundraising goals. This teleconference includes key decision makers within your organization and key members of the Bliss team. Annual review Strategic Planning Sessions are also scheduled when preparing for the next year of fundraising so that you never skip a beat with your direct response marketing program.

      The Bliss Proposal
      Bliss believes that a proposal is more than a list of engagements and prices. Our proposal, The Critical Pathway, is a comprehensive document outlining each engagement within your campaign. It details the audience, package design, message, timeline and pricing. And, we’ll take the time to discuss the strategy behind each engagement with you.

      Partnership Fundamentals
      Launching your Bliss Direct Media campaign means paying attention to details before any communications are sent to your important donors and prospects. Your dedicated Account Manager will guide you step-by-step to assure branding standards, data security and appeal details are in place for a smooth beginning of your campaign.

      Creative and Copy
      Bliss Direct Media’s graphic design and copy writing team members have years of experience in crafting Grateful Patient and Donor Renewal communications that are effective in connecting with your donors and prospects. Pairing Bliss Best Practices with your insight is a winning combination to creating messages that get the attention they deserve.

      List Management and Analysis
      Upfront planning of the audience segments you mail to is critical in achieving continual improvement in your direct response marketing results. Bliss Data Professionals and Account Managers work closely together to ensure the data used for your appeals are clean and accurate and available on a timely basis.