Donor MetricsĀ®

Using the tool below requires running reports out of your data base. Be sure to select a group of donors (ex. those acquired through direct mail) and include all of their gifts to assure you have a complete picture of their giving history.

  • Average Gift Amount

    Total amount of gifts last year:   $ 

    Total number of gifts last year:   

    Average Gift Amount:   $ 

  • Average Gift Per Donor

    Number of individual gifts last year:   

    Total amount of gifts last year:   $ 

    Average Gift Per Donor:   $ 

  • Average Number of Gifts Per Donor

    Total number of gifts last year:   

    Number of individual donors last year:   

    Average Number of Gifts Per Donor:   

  • Average Response Rate

    Number of responses for last year:    

    Number of households solicited last year:       

    Average Response Rate Per Household:    %

  • Retention Rate and Attrition Rate 

    Number of individual donors who gave two years ago:   

    How many of those donors gave last year:   

    Your Retention Rate:    %

    Your Attrition Rate:    %

  • Life Time Value 

    Average gift amount:   $ 

    Average duration of giving:    

    Average number of gifts per donor (per year):   

    Life Time Value:   

  • Annual Value Per Donor 

    Life time value:   $ 

    Average duration of giving:   

    Average Annual Value Per Donor: $   

Acquisition Metrics

  • How Many New Donors Do I Need to Meet My Dollar Goal?

    Fundraising dollar goal for new donors:   $ 

    Average annual value per donor:   

    New Donors Needed to Meet Goal:    

  • How Many New Donors Can I Gain?

    How many prospects are available:   

    Average response rate:   %

    Number of New Donors: